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The preferred file type for most promotional products branding is an EPS or AI file.  This file format allow us to accurately manipulate logos and the elements which they are comprised of, to resize without any loss of quality, detail or accuracy, ensuring the best possible reproduction of your logo on your choice of promotional products.  The result is the best possible print job for your promotional products order.

Vectorised Artwork (EPS, AI or CDR files)
These are ideal files for the correct printing and reproduction of your logo on promotional products.  Any other format of artwork will need to be vectorised by our Graphic Artist.  There is no charge for basic artwork reproduction, as we include this in our set-up fee.  If the artwork is complex however, or a logo needs to be developed, we will notify you of the fee before we proceed.

JPEG Files (jpg)
These files can be used for embroidery, but they have to be vectorised for other printing formats.

PDF Files (pdf)
These files are becoming the industry standard for offset and digital printing of promotional merchandise and promotional products.  Most PDF files can be manipulated and prepared for printing.

Set-Up Fee
Our set-up fee is a one-off payment.  If you repeat your order with us, and the logo hasn’t changed in any way, there is no set-up fee on your second and subsequent orders.

Debossing of Promotional Products
The depression of an image into a material's surface so causing the image to sit below the product surface is a deboss.

Embossing of Promotional Products
We impress an image in relief to achieve a raised surface.

Etching of Promotional Products
using this branding process your promotional item is skinned with a protective, acid proof coating to create your logo artwork.  The bare surface of the promotional product is then exposed to an acidic chemical.  The acid attacks the exposed promotional product surface and leaves image etched onto the surface. This is traditionally the system used for branding glass promotional items such as water jugs and wine gasses with company logos.

Laser or Foil Stamping of Promotional Products
Using this system of branding a metallic or colored foil full colour digital print can be applied to leather, vinyl or paper promotional product surfaces.  This system is expensive but allows tones of colour and complex logos to be reproduced exactly.

Pad Printing of Promotional Products
A soft pad surface is covered with an appropriate fast drying and tough ink.  The plate is wiped clean by a squeegee mechanism, leaving ink behind only on the recessed areas of the pads.  A silicone pad is then pressed against the pad printing plate, drawing the ink out of the pad recess and pressing it directly onto the promotional product.

4-color Processing of Promotional Products
All color images can be separated into 4 different color values using filters and screens (usually digital).  This is called a CMYK colour breakdown.  The result in terms of your branding is a color separation of 4 images, each image comprised of one of the four colours (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black).  These four colors can be combined to create thousands of colors covering all combinations shown on our PMS colour chart.

Sublimation of Promotional Products
Sublimation of promotional products involves a dye transfer system where the image is permanently embedded into the texture of the promotional material surface.

Offset Printing of Promotional Products
Like traditional printing systems used to print high volume paper outputs this system of printing promotional products involves the transfer of ink from a metal printing plate to a rubber-covered cylinder and is generally used on more complex artwork of high volume production runs of branded promotional products.

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